Workouts for riders who want visible results in the saddle

More symmetrical seat and more flexible body already in two weeks

With just 15-20 minutes a day three times a week, you’ll see visible results in just two weeks without sacrificing time in the stables.

If you want to improve your riding, just trying harder is not going to help.

Instead by improving your body control you can focus more on improving your riding skill and less on trying to have more balanced seat in the saddle because that becomes automatic for you.

With years of experience working with different riders, we know the fastest way to improve your body control as a rider happens without your horse.

Our workouts take only 10-20 minutes before or after your riding session and are 100% tailored for rider’s needs. We want you to always feel better in the saddle after the workout, not sore and tired. 

Guaranteed results.

With our workouts trusted by industry professionals. 

“It’s really nice to train with Laura. The workouts always bring a fresh and good feeling to both body & mind.

Maintaining my posture and seat while riding feels easier for several days after workouts. The sessions have focused a lot on body control and mobility exercises, not only to support riding but also to alleviate the stiffness caused by riding.” 

– Ville Vaurio, Professional dressage rider

Systematic training has influenced my riding through improved body control and function. Additionally, it has positively helped structure my days. I want to get the maximum out of myself.” 

– Anna-Julia kontio, Professional showjumper

“I have way more body control. It has improved in such a short time that it is amazing actually. I really like the workouts.”

– Emilie Conter, Professional showjumper

We are coaching the next generation of equestrian athletes

With an industry-bending training program that turns riders into equestrian athletes.

If you only train your horse to give its best, but you give it the wrong signals through your body, you will never get the full potential out of you as a combination

7-day free trial, after that 27€/month – less than what you’d pay for a saddle pad.

"This is what equestrian world has been missing."

Hey rider!

We built a training platform to help equestrians improve their riding with proven methods because we saw a gap in rider training.

We help riders to understand how workouts are connected to their riding.

We know we are not the only riders out here who have had enough of tight hips and seat challenges.

Not only did we want to find a workout routine that easily fits into the equestrian lifestyle (we know how limited time can be as a rider) but also helps us understand how to improve our seat and riding.

So, we founded Equestrain.

Become the equestrian athlete you want to be.

With expert knowledge and proven track record we can help you get the results you’ve been looking for in just 28 days.