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Welcome to the place where riders find workouts tailored for their specific needs and lifestyle and to really see and feel the change in the saddle.

You are ready to work out to improve your riding.

But how do you know the workouts you do actually help you as a rider?

You’re not just about riding. You’re all about feeling and seeing progress as a rider. You’re here to find a workout routine that fits into your lifestyle and 100% helps you to feel and see the change in your riding.

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“My seat has improved dramatically after just a few training sessions!”

“Absolutely great! The best part is that in every workout you always explain how these exercises benefit the rider. It’s always so enjoyable to do them.”

“Really good training and different from my previous gym programs. It’s a completely different motivation to do this when you know exactly WHY and what the benefits are for riders. OH MY! Thank you!”

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Are you ready to feel the change in the saddle?

It’s time for workouts that are actually planned for the equestrian lifestyle and the need to improve as a rider.



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Hey rider!

It’s Laura & Equestrain team here!

We help riders to understand how workouts are connected to their riding.

We know we are not the only riders out here who have had enough of tight hips and seat challenges.

Not only did we want to find a workout routine that easily fits into the equestrian lifestyle (we know how limited time can be as a rider) but also helps us understand how to improve our seat and riding.

So, we founded Equestrain.

Free resources

Watch & Learn

A collection of value-packed videos we’ve been posting on the internet, lately.

15 minute mobility workout that helps you to have a long & relaxed leg around the horse

8 minute workout that helps you to find a more symmetrical seat

What to do at the gym as a rider?

40 minute Full body strength workout for riders

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