Your body has 0.4 seconds to react and give clear aids for the horse

If you want constantly become better a rider, you need to start taking care of your own body. Just like you take care of your horse.

Riders who see and feel the change in their riding and seat the fastest are the ones who also put effort into the sport outside of the saddle.

Our workouts are designed to take you from pin-pointing all the things you want to improve in your riding to actually feeling the improvement already in just two weeks.

With just 10–20 minutes a day three times a week, you’ll see visible results in just two weeks without sacrificing time in the stables.

The biggest challenge equestrian athletes face is worrying that their own workouts outside the saddle require hours of time and energy every week.

You don’t need to waste hours and hours in the gym. You just need 10-20 minutes before or after your riding to feel the change in your riding.

If you struggle with

  • your trainer constantly reminding you to fix your posture in the saddle
  • your horse always feeling different from left to right rein
  • seeing the same things in your riding from video that you want to correct
  • difficulty to sit soft and quiet in your horses movements
  • pressure or pain in your lower back

Equestrain App is for you if

  • you want finally to feel big change in your seat
  • you are looking to level up in competitions and you want to feel more confident in your riding at the new level
  • you want to understand how better body awareness and control help you to see visible results in your riding
  • you are tight on your time and you want that workouts fit into your lifestyle as a rider

After 2 weeks you will see improvements with

  • your upper body posture
  • your hip mobility and ability to sit close to the horse
  • your reaction times and aid accuracy
  • your seat is straighter and less crooked
  • your energy levels and focus when riding

Week 1

Monday: 14min Hip mobility workout

Tuesday: 8min Pre-ride mobility

Wednesday: Rest day / Goal setting tools

Thursday: 30min Full body workout to improve seat symmetry

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 20min Morning coffee & wake up workout

Sunday: Rest day

Week 2

Monday: 25min Hip mobility workout

Tuesday: Rest day / Goal setting tools

Wednesday: 10min Pre-ride activation

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Optional: 30min cardio workout

Saturday: 20min Workout to improve upper body posture

Sunday: Rest day

Week 3

Monday: 20min Full body strength & stability workout

Tuesday: Rest day / Mental coach master class

Wednesday: Optional: 30min cardio workout

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 9min Quick fix workout for better upper body posture

Saturday: 18min Morning coffee & mobility workout

Sunday: Rest day

Week 4

Monday: 18min Balance & coordination workout

Tuesday: 13min Upper body mobility for better posture

Wednesday: 10min Pre-ride activation routine

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 22min Relaxing evening class

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Rest day / 4-week reflection

The results you want are waiting for you.

Choose workouts based on your individual needs and see how your riding changes in just 2 weeks.

7-day free trial included, after that 27€/month – less than what you’d pay for a saddle pad.