Your body has 0.4 seconds to react and give clear aids for the horse

So why aren't you prioritizing your own workouts as a rider?

You don’t need hours of working out every week. You don’t need to hire a PT. All you really need is a workout routine that is tailored for riders.

Because we’re not here to give you long and generic workouts to improve your fitness. We’re here to build the bridge between your workouts and riding, so that you can really feel and see improvement in the saddle and progress faster as a rider.

And that’s what makes all the difference. 

Workout library

Over 100 workout videos - all tailored for riders

By the time you are finished with your workout, you won’t just have a better feeling in your body. You’ll understand how the workout is connected to riding.

You can easily find *just the right workouts* for your individual needs.

25min Mobility workout for long & relaxed leg around the horse

Feeling stiff in your hip area? Uff, we know how it feels AND how it affects our seat. After this workout you do not only find that deep and relaxed seat but you also understand how your hip mobility is connected to your riding.

20min Get rid of forward collapsing shoulders

Struggling with your posture or contact? This workout helps you to get rid of forward collapsing shoulders and find that effortless and harmonious seat.


So you can just follow a plan without worrying what to do next.

If you’ve ever wondered “how should I plan my weekly workouts to really focus on everything I need as a rider?” THIS IS HOW.

4 week Foundations programs

If you’re new to EQUESTRAIN workouts, our foundations programs are the perfect way to kick start your journey with us and start building habits that really make a change in the saddle. Whether you love working out at home or at gym, we’ve got your back.

Weekly workout plan

After Foundations program you can follow our weekly program that has *everything* planned out over the week and you can trust we’ve done the brainwork to really fit everything together just the way we riders need.

Life & Learn

There is so much more to your journey as a rider than you ever thought before

Whether you’re looking for recipe and nutrition inspiration, tools to improve your midset or simply just looking for inspiration seeing how the *ones we look up to* are doing, well, all of this — WE GOT YOU.

Mic’d up: Improve your seat

Join our team riders & see and hear how they work on improving their seat with different coaches.

Work on your mindset

Ever wondered how to deal with pressure better in competitions? Or how to really achieve those big, ambitious goals? We sit down with different riders & mindset coaches to discuss the mental side of our sport and how to apply those tools into your daily life.



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