Maya Torres became a show jumper following her dad’s footsteps

Maya Torres was born into an equestrian family and has never really considered doing anything other than something horse related with her life. That journey has taken her from her homeland in Spain to the Netherlands, where she is currently doing a bit of everything with horses from riding to shows and sales videos. And […]

Show jumper Emilie Conter on what she has learned from horses & competing

Emilie Conter has been around horses for her whole life and nowadays she is a professional show jumper. She is also doing more and more of the business side by buying and selling horses for Stephex Stables, which is a company founded by her parents. She says she doesn’t really know anything else and wouldn’t […]

Get rid of stiff hips. Here’s how.

I’m willing to bet you’re familiar with the tight feeling in your hip area (I must not be the only rider hoping I’d have a biiiit more softness in my hips and in my seat). When feeling stiff and tight in the hip area, stretching is not the only thing we should do as riders. […]